Love is in the eye of your customer

Yet love can be fickle. As customer experience overtakes price and product as the key brand differentiator, a viable product or service becomes simply a starting point. To build a sustainable advantage, we must look beyond products and services.


The Challenge

Today, more than ever before, sales, profit and growth are intertwined with your customers’ experiences — what they think, how they feel, and what they are motivated to do after interacting with your brand.


Yet customers seem less tolerant, more distracted, and quicker to jump to competing products and services.


The solution is to walk a mile in your customers’ shoes.


Like it?

Customers are often first to discover “low points” — frustrating or challenging experiences that form when brand strategies, processes, messages and forms are not aligned. Customers shouldn’t endure experiences to purchase from, or work with, your company. Eliminate low points and lead customers to “like it” – by design.


Love it!

“Love it” grows when “peaks” — memorable and meaningful moments that elevate your organization, brand, product or service in the eye of your customer — are created on purpose.


Peaks may feel magical, but they are not magic – they’re simply “high points” that are planned and designed using specific methods to connect with customers based on how people measure, value and remember experiences.


Whether launching a product or service, entering a new market or recasting an existing experience, we help you reach “love it” with smart brand strategy, insight-driven experience design and artful originality.