Love is in the eye of your customer

Yet love can be fickle. As customer experience overtakes price and product as the key brand differentiator, a good product or service becomes simply a starting point.


On a scale from 1 to 10…

Today, success is about your customer’s experience — what they think, feel and are motivated to do — and how your brand empowers customers to align with their values and achieve personal goals. Where would your experiences rank?


Most companies overlook how experiences spring up around their products and services, which creates “pits” — frustrating and challenging lowpoints — for customers and frontline staff. These lowpoints are a drag on growth, sales and profit.


Going direct to the source, we learn from your customer’s specific experiences as they actively interact with your brand. We redesign processes, messaging, and interactions to eliminate pits, leading customers to “like it” – by design.


Aim for “love it”

“Love it” grows when “peaks” are created on purpose — peak experiences being those which are memorable and meaningful and that elevate your brand, product or service in the eye of your customer.


Whether launching a product or service, entering a new market, or recasting an existing experience, LOWERCASE helps you reach “love it” with smart brand strategy, insight-driven experience design and artful originality.