Love is in the eye of your customer

Research shows that earning this love is worth 9 times more than comparable investments. Yet love can seem fickle when your company doesn’t know how it grows.

As customer experience outpaces price and product to become the key brand differentiator, smart companies are turning the needs, preferences and behaviors of current and potential audiences into a cornerstone of strategic decision-making.


The Challenge

Whether you’re a cultural institution, non-profit, service firm, medical provider or tech startup, your customers have choices. Are you clear about why they choose you, and why they don’t? Why they spend more, and why they don’t? Why they stay, and why they don’t?


Do your business and brand strategies reflect this knowledge?


It’s time to try walking a mile in your customers’ shoes.


Like it?

Customers shouldn’t endure experiences to purchase from, or work with, your company. Yet customers frequently endure low points — frustrating and challenging experiences that form when processes, messages or touchpoints are not aligned with strategy.


Love it!

“Love it” is a highly profitable outcome achieved when “peaks” — memorable and meaningful moments that elevate your organization, brand, product or service in the eye of your customer — are created on purpose.


Peaks may generate magical results, but they are not magic. They’re simply well-executed moments – often within everyday experiences – that have been designed to connect with customers based on how people measure, value and remember experiences.


Let’s Work Together

Looking to reinvigorate your brand? Grow revenue from existing products and services? Profitably launch new products or services into new markets? We help companies achieve “love it” level business results through our unique blend of brand strategy, insight-driven experience design and artful originality.