Do customers see ways to build your brand that you don’t see?

Pop-up comment boxes, online surveys and net promoter scores show what ratings customers assign when asked to reduce their experience to a number. But the data cannot explain “why” – nor lead to a breakthrough for your brand.

Our design process creates breakthroughs by centering on your customers – the people we are designing for – to open conversation in context, develop empathy and uncover patterns and insights leading to competitive strategies and design solutions tailored to suit their needs. Finally, elevated brand experiences – yielding 9 times more revenue – can begin.


The Challenge

Whether you are a large or small corporation, a cultural institution, non-profit, service firm, medical services provider or tech startup, you have customers and your customers have choices.


Your customers may be donors, investors, clients, recruits, patients, members, partners. Are you clear why they choose you, and why they don’t? Why they spend more on your products/services, and why they don’t? Why they stay with your brand, and why they don’t?


As experiences overshadow price and product to become the key brand differentiator, we help you turn customer needs, expectations and behaviors into a cornerstone of strategic decision-making.


Like it?

Customers shouldn’t endure experiences to purchase from, or work with, your company. Yet they frequently endure “low points” — frustrating and challenging experiences that form when processes, messages and touchpoints are not aligned with strategy.


Love it!

“Love it” is a highly profitable outcome achieved when “high points” — moments that elevate your brand, product or service in the eye of your customer — are created on purpose.


High points may bring about magical results, but they are not magic. They’re simply well-executed moments – often within everyday brand interactions – that have been designed to connect with customers based on how they measure, value and remember experiences.


Let’s Work Together

Looking to build your brand? Earn 9 times more revenue on products and services? Hit the ground running with a strong and profitable launch?


Let’s work together to achieve “love it” through brand and digital strategy, customer insight, artful originality and innovative design.