“Masterful. Very street smart, very honest.”
“Raw, real, visceral. Beautifully rendered. Very strong.”

– national award evaluations rendered by judges for Lowercase brand strategy, communication and design solutions

LOWERCASE® offers a unique design-centered approach to brand strategy and communication.

We stand out as a creative firm that blends business acumen, strategic insights, and a deep knowledge of history, art, and cultural trends into our design thinking. To this foundation, we add strong visual communication and design skills, curiosity, and a commitment to great ideas.

Our business savvy, award-winning creative solutions surpass what a large agency with layers of staff can turn out. Our nimble team works closely with clients to provide integrated brand programs as well as targeted individual solutions, focusing on the nuances of each business as if it were our own.

Our clients span a diverse range of industries and locations across the US and Europe.